Through the acquisition of high-fidelity, low-noise EP signals, the ECGenius™ System provides a distinct advantage in signal quality to help physicians identify, diagnose, and treat complex cardiac arrhythmias.

Pure cardiac signals. No filtering.

Because IEGMs from the ECGenius™ System have low artifacts, you can observe minor but significant signal modification during RF application.

Baseline noise with the ECGenius™ System is minimal, allowing physicians to clearly visualize cardiac signals accurately.

By providing clear visibility of low-voltage EGMs, the ECGenius™ System offers unmatched opportunities to visualize small pathway potentials, scar tissue or His, which can be blurred or undetectable because of baseline noise in market leading recording systems. 

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The ECGenius™ System acquires clean signals without the need for a notch filter, significantly decreasing the amount of EGM distortion associated with notch filtration on traditional systems.

Sophisticated System

The ECGenius™ System features proprietary hardware technology and advanced software to acquire and record clinical data through a patented amplifier design. 

Familiar Design

Same process. Enhanced signal quality. CathVision is working to seamlessly incorporate the ECGenius™ System into current hospital environments. The user interface is designed to be simple and straightforward, requiring minimal training.

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Detailed Data

Noisy EGMs compromise visual interpretation and algorithm computations. The ECGenius™ System provides high-fidelity, low-noise unipolar and bipolar EGM signals to clearly visualize local activation and subtle morphology changes unseen by conventional EP recording systems.

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