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It’s time to upgrade the EP lab.

ECGenius™ System represents an evolution in cardiac signal acquisition, interpretation, and therapy support, creating unprecedented opportunities for the integration of AI-based algorithms. 

ABOUT CathVision

CathVision’s mission is to help physicians cure cardiac arrhythmia. Committed to empowering physicians to make more informed clinical decisions in the EP lab, CathVision is redefining the necessity of exceptional cardiac electrical signals to diagnose, characterize and treat the most common heart rhythm disorders. The company is focused on developing electrophysiology solutions centered around an innovative EP recording system and AI-based analytic tools.

CathVision began as a graduate-level clinical research project designed to determine necessary improvements to ablation therapy and was officially launched as a company in 2013 in Denmark. The company’s presence has since expanded to the United States with operations in Minnetonka, Minnesota.


May 2024

CathVision highlights PFAnalyzer, post PFA energy calculation measurement method, at HRS 2024. 

May 2023

ECGenius System featured at HRS 2023 Rhythm Theater Symposium and scientific sessions. 

April 2023

Patient enrollment of a follow-on clinical study to demonstrate the value of the Signal Complexity algorithm at OLV Hospital Aalst, led by Dr. Tom De Potter, begins. 

MARCH 2023

CathVision announces key milestones in advance of ECGenius commercial launch. 

November 2022

NYU Langone Health initiates clinical study evaluating the Signal Complexity™ algorithm. 

August 2022

CathVision raises $7.2 million from existing investors to further the advancement of AI-powered analytics and commercialization of the ECGenius™ System

MAY 2022

The ECGenius™ System, CathVision’s unique high-fidelity, low-noise EP recording technology, earns FDA clearance.

APRIL 2022

CathVision enrolls patients in first U.S.-based clinical study at the University of Vermont Medical Center.


CathVision enrolls first patients in PVISION Multicenter Clinical Study at four European hospitals.



CathVision completes an investment round of €13M to begin multi-center clinical studies.


CathVision expands its board of directors and is awarded a €2.2M grant from the Horizon 2020 programs.


CathVision obtains IOS13485 certification and establishes a presence in the U.S.


CathVision closes its first multi-million-dollar round of funding.


CathVision is officially incorporated.


Mads Emil Matthiesen

Co-Founder & CEO

Board of Directors

Denis Gestin

Board Member

Magnus Holm

Board Member

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