CathVision’s ECGenius System to be Featured at HRS 2023 Rhythm Theater Symposium and Scientific Presentations

Data Presented at Heart Rhythm Conference Will Highlight Importance of High-Fidelity, Low-Noise ECG Signals

Copenhagen, DENMARK, May 15, 2023 – CathVision, a medical technology company developing innovative electrophysiology solutions to enhance clinical decision-making in the EP lab, today announced an extensive slate of educational opportunities and scientific sessions at this year’s Heart Rhythm conference demonstrating the significant impact of the ECGenius™ System and potential benefits of AI-based analytics. HRS 2023 is being held May 19-21 in New Orleans; attendees can visit CathVision during the conference at booth 1442.[1]

ECGenius System, the company’s innovative EP recording technology and proprietary hardware amplifier, acquires high-fidelity, low-noise cardiac electrograms to help electrophysiologists improve the diagnosis and treatment of complex atrial arrhythmias, including atrial fibrillation (AF). ECGenius System received FDA clearance in May 2022 and has since been evaluated at world-renowned hospitals, including Cleveland Clinic, Johns Hopkins Hospital, Houston Methodist Hospital, IU Health Methodist Hospital, NYU Langone Health, and Valley Health during a limited market release.  

CathVision’s keynote event is a Rhythm Theater Symposium, “The Future of EP Recording Systems and AI-based Analytics,” featuring perspectives and experiences from an expert panel of EPs on May 19 at 2:15 p.m. CT. Dr. John Miller, Indiana University School of Medicine, will chair the discussion with Drs. Miguel Valderrabano, Houston Methodist Hospital; Tom De Potter, OLV Hospital Aalst; Larry Chinitz, NYU Langone Health; and Pierre Jais, IHU Liryc.

“High-fidelity, low-noise EGM signals vastly improve accurate diagnosis and effective treatment of cardiac arrhythmia with ablation therapy. Clean signals help identify subtle patterns and trends that might be imperceptible otherwise,” said Dr. Miguel Valderrabano, MD, PhD at Houston Methodist Hospital. “I’m looking forward to discussing the role of AI-based analytics and the necessity of accurate and reliable data to generate meaningful insights and predictions that can help ensure optimal patient outcomes.”

In addition to the May 19 Rhythm Theater Symposium, the ECGenius System is highlighted in seven scientific presentations and a speed talk at the Stanford Biodesign New Arrhythmia Technologies Retreat on Thursday. Details are as follows:

Thursday, May 18

Stanford Biodesign New Arrhythmia Technologies Retreat

CathVision Speed Talk

by Dr. Suneet Mittal

Time: 9:50 – 9:55 a.m. CT | InterContinental Hotel New Orleans Frenchman Ballroom


Friday, May 19

Rhythm Theater Symposium: “The Future of EP Recording Systems and AI-based Analytics”

2:15-3:15 p.m. CT | Theater 1, exhibit floor


Atrio-ventricular Delay After Delivery of Pulsed-Field Ablation of the Pulmonary Veins


Authors: Mattias Duytschaever, Karl Firth, Rune Paamand, Sébastien Knecht

2:30 – 4:30 p.m. CT | Abstract Pavilion


Tracking Changes in AF Cycle Length and Complexity: Validation of a Signal Complexity Algorithm


Authors: Larry A. Chinitz, Karl Firth, Rune Paamand, April Jacob, Lior Jankelson

2:30 – 4:30 p.m. CT | Abstract Pavilion


Validation of a Machine Learning Algorithm to Identify Pulmonary Vein Isolation during Ablation Procedures for the Treatment of Atrial Fibrillation: Preliminary Results of the PVISION Study


Authors: Rune Paamand, Jan De Pooter, Liesbeth Timmers, Serge Boveda, Stephane Combes, Mattias Duytschaever, Sébastien Knecht, Alexandre Almorad, Carlo de Asmundis

2:30 – 4:30 p.m. CT | Abstract Pavilion


Saturday, May 20

Characteristics of Residual Signals after Pulsed Field Ablation of the Pulmonary Veins AB-452675-3

Session Title: Learnings from Real-World Pulsed Field Ablation

Authors: Mattias Duytschaever, Karl Firth, Olivier Leonard, Rune Paamand, Sébastien Knecht

2:24 – 2:36 p.m. CT | Room 209


Cross Validation of a Machine Learning Algorithm Designed to Identify Pulmonary Vein Signals using Competing Training Data


Authors: Jan De Pooter, Karl Firth, Rune Paamand, Martin Valvik

1:30 – 3:30 p.m. CT | Abstract Pavilion


Sunday, May 21

Improved Visualization Of Low Amplitude Late Potentials With VT Substrate Mapping Using A Novel EP Recording System


Authors: Nicole Habel, Daniel D. Correa de Sa, Tobias Skipper, Olivier Leonard, Nathaniel C. Thompson

9:30 – 11:30 a.m. CT | Abstract Pavilion


Visualization of Low Amplitude Electrograms with a Novel Recording System in the Electrophysiology Laboratory


Authors: Suneet Mittal, Advay G. Bhatt, Mohammadali Habibi, Mark W. Preminger, Tina Sichrovsky, Olivier Leonard, Rune Paamand, Dan L. Musat

9:30 – 11:30 a.m. CT | Abstract Pavilion


“HRS is a remarkable event that represents a culmination of our dedication to product development and clinical evaluation throughout the past year as we’ve taken ECGenius System into hospitals for EPs to experience and evaluate. This is an opportunity to share those experiences, provide data that demonstrate clinical effectiveness, foster collaboration, and inspire innovation in cardiac care,” said Mads Matthiesen, CEO of CathVision. “This is a testament to our commitment to transformative change that benefits patients, physicians, and health systems. We are excited to showcase the advantage and significant impact ECGenius offers, and we’re looking forward to the exchange of knowledge and ideas at HRS.”


For more information about ECGenius System, CARDIALYTICS™, or to meet with CathVision at HRS 2023, please visit booth 1442, contact us here, and connect on LinkedIn.[2] 


About CathVision

CathVision is a medical technology company that develops electrophysiology solutions centered around an innovative EP recording system and AI-powered analytic tools. Committed to empowering physicians to make more informed clinical decisions in the EP lab, CathVision is redefining the necessity of exceptional cardiac electrical signals to diagnose, characterize, and treat the most common heart rhythm disorders. CathVision was founded in 2013 and is headquartered in Denmark with a U.S. office in Minnesota.  


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[1] ECGenius System is cleared for sale in the US. Not approved for sale in the rest of the world.

[2] CARDIALYTICS is not cleared for sales.


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